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Established in May of 2021, MadConvivium is an arts and culture magazine housed at Saint Louis University’s Madrid Campus. We publish writing, art, photography, video and audio that moves us. We focus on Madrid, but not exclusively.

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BY JOANA GARCIA Kundalini Fire Serpent Descends and Undulates Blissful in Rapture Love within Hate Flames of cool passion Piercing through each blossom Warm moon at noon Cool sun at night Man within woman At the bridges gate There is no end and no beginning The beginning is the end


BY CLARA SÁNCHEZ Del cuello una promesa rota y un recuerdo de Brasil. Oro. Grabada en las costillas una frase de papá.  Decorando mi alma una sonrisa. Plata. Belleza y amor propio en primavera.  Cambio, lluvia y turbulencia. Cierro los ojos y trato de calmarla. Decepción y ausencia. Dependiente intento salir a curarme. — Conversación:Continue reading “23 PRIMAVERAS”


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