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Established in May of 2021, MadConvivium is an arts and culture magazine housed at Saint Louis University’s Madrid Campus. We publish writing, art, photography, video and audio that moves us.

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The Clone of Joshua Walker

BY: DIMITRI MANGINIS BEVERLY POLICE DEPARTMENT REPORT November 20, 2049- At approximately 14:43, an unmarked and unregistered, white 2020 Ford Transit Cargo Van pulled up alongside Joseph Walker, male, 12, white, and abducted him. CCTV footage from the traffic lights on Cabot St recorded the incident as one unidentified male ushered the boy closer to… Continue reading The Clone of Joshua Walker

In The Shadow of Darkness

BY: FOX “This piece was Inspired by Goya’s “Pinturas Negras” collection, specifically “Saturn Devouring a Son.” The resemblance is shown in the human body. It is said Saturn ate his son because he feared he would overcome him one day. In this case, the spider feared that he would go hungry.”

Whiskey & Cigarettes

BY: TODOR PAVLOVIC A pelican dove down and grabbed a fish from the sea. It was one final snack before the migration south. Winter was coming and pelicans do not handle winter well. Harold was looking at this spectacle from his balcony. Lately he felt lonely. He wished he could share moments like these with… Continue reading Whiskey & Cigarettes


BY: ALEJANDRO MORAN “I made this piece during a year I had to spend home because of the pandemic. It was just really the best representation of how I felt at the time. I felt that there wasn’t much to do and that really bothered me. Along with the many changes that happened in 2020… Continue reading Stretched


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