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Established in May of 2021, MadConvivium is an arts and culture magazine housed at Saint Louis University’s Madrid Campus. We publish writing, art, photography, video and audio that moves us.

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“This piece was inspired largely by an artwork called “Man in Polyester Suit” by Robert Mapplethorpe, an American Photographer from the 70’s & 80’s. The elephant part was an idea I had been working with, but Mapplethorpe’s piece and his work with black and white helped me give the the elephant a frame” BY: QADEN… Continue reading Polyester

Life Unlived

BY: RC DIEDRICH Words unwritten Songs unsung Art unmade Old men still young There is time unspent And nets yet thrown There are letters unsent And answers unknown There is life unlived I guess that’s alright The night follows day Like day follows night

Jamaican Bike Rider 

BY Regina Manyara I didn’t want to get back on that bike. We hadn’t had a cloudy morning in a week and so like the days before this one, the morning sun filled our tent with a cool green hue as it filtered through a blend of synthetic materials. But all of this was quickly… Continue reading Jamaican Bike Rider 


BY JOANA GARCIA Kundalini Fire Serpent Descends and Undulates Blissful in Rapture Love within Hate Flames of cool passion Piercing through each blossom Warm moon at noon Cool sun at night Man within woman At the bridges gate There is no end and no beginning The beginning is the end


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