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Sonnet 14.01.20

What dumb luck struck me the eve I met you,

Which God got involved, connected our course? 

Who smiled upon me that night like did you, 

Watchful angel or invisible force?

Oh! To count all the ways that I love thee.

Oh no! It’s futile, like ceasing these thoughts.

Hence hopeful I pen this poem to show ye,

My lot is you and I love you a lot.

Merely one sense could not comprehend this;

Eyes overcome by such beauty beheld.

For heart is required to understand bliss; 

Your quirks and habits all herbs to this spell.

From the first moment been enchanted by you;

Countless years later, this still remains true!

A Knight in Shining Armor

A knight in shining armor, a virgin,

Whose untouched breastplate serves well to betray,

Untested mettle, his fears which burgeon,

More suited for banquets than Battle’s fray.

For me though, there is no hero’s welcome,

No trumpets raised towards the sun’s setting light,

My sword is dull now, a blade that once shone,

My dented armor no longer beams bright.

If I fell in war, my grave’d be unmarked,

For him, remembrance and requiem,

A coward, he cowered, I did my part,

Still praise and ballads will be sung for him.

She spots him and swoons, yet scans over me,A knight in shining armor, all she sees.

Broken Glass

The lake is frozen, firm under my feet as I step out onto it. I pause for a second, prepared to hear the familiar groan of ice cracking, a sound I have heard a million times before as a child when my family came here to skate. That was a long time ago. Today I am alone. Cautiously, I make my way to the lake’s center, my winter boots like bulldozers clearing a path for me as I slide through the snow and over the ice. Reaching it, I sit, brushing the lake around me clean with my gloves. The ice beneath is clear, almost glass. I can see every air bubble suspended, every frozen reed preserved. It is beautiful, until I see the cracks. My sister’s drug addiction. My grandparents’ deathsMy niece’s broken home. Helpless, I watch the cracks spread out around me. I cry.

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