The Clone of Joshua Walker

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BY: DIMITRI MANGINIS BEVERLY POLICE DEPARTMENT REPORT November 20, 2049- At approximately 14:43, an unmarked and unregistered, white 2020 Ford Transit Cargo Van pulled up alongside Joseph Walker, male, 12, white, and abducted him. CCTV footage from the traffic lights on Cabot St recorded the incident as one unidentified male ushered the boy closer to… Continue reading The Clone of Joshua Walker

Whiskey & Cigarettes

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BY: TODOR PAVLOVIC A pelican dove down and grabbed a fish from the sea. It was one final snack before the migration south. Winter was coming and pelicans do not handle winter well. Harold was looking at this spectacle from his balcony. Lately he felt lonely. He wished he could share moments like these with… Continue reading Whiskey & Cigarettes


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BY CLARA SÁNCHEZ Del cuello una promesa rota y un recuerdo de Brasil. Oro. Grabada en las costillas una frase de papá.  Decorando mi alma una sonrisa. Plata. Belleza y amor propio en primavera.  Cambio, lluvia y turbulencia. Cierro los ojos y trato de calmarla. Decepción y ausencia. Dependiente intento salir a curarme. — Conversación:… Continue reading 23 PRIMAVERAS


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BY DIMITRI MANGINIS Sonnet 14.01.20 What dumb luck struck me the eve I met you, Which God got involved, connected our course?  Who smiled upon me that night like did you,  Watchful angel or invisible force? Oh! To count all the ways that I love thee. Oh no! It’s futile, like ceasing these thoughts. Hence… Continue reading 3 POEMS


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BY MADISON DENT “I want to be somewhere different.” That’s what I keep repeating to myself as I sit, waiting for my plane. Everything in the airport moves so fast. There is no present in airports, only next. Next stops, next exits, next people we will become. It’s all blurred suitcases and magazines. It’s all… Continue reading AIRPORT DINER


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BY CARLA APARICIO ¡Retumban los pasillos de la academia del falo!  Cruje el cemento, que erguidas mantiene sus paredes,  en lacerantes grietas. Abatidas ya las cercas que   contienen terrenos de honra y lobotomía.  Tercas semillas tendidas sobre tierra quemada  en cada ocaso con un rezo. En el sigilo de la  noche turbada se escabullen sollozos… Continue reading SIN TITULO